Technical Description

CopyV enables to securely send files at any size - direct, no cloud servers, no cookies or web beacons, with end-to-end encryption and high privacy. No one can see your files. No risk of cyber-attacks. It’s easy and fast.

CopyV technology is tailored and flexible to customers requirements. The "software package" can be installed in the organization, into the existing hardware "on-prem" (locally), including the authentication keys server and administrator tools.

peet to peer

Key Benefits

High level of security and privacy

  • Direct connection - CopyV creates direct internet connection between the sender and recipient. No cloud servers, no global view by anyone like Google, Dropbox, iCloud etc.
  • End-to-End Encrypted - The files are divided into small packets. Each packet is encrypted with a strong encryption before it has been sent. The packet will decrypt only in the recipient side.
  • Unordered packets - The packets are sent directly in unordered form to the recipient and arrange to a file in the recipient side.
  • One-time secure ad-hoc code per transaction - At the beginning of the process, the recipient receives a secure ad-hoc code via email. This secure ad-hoc code verifies the sender's identity and creates a direct link between the sender and recipient.
  • Advanced authentication algorithm - In order to be authenticated, a user should be registered with valid email and password.

High performance and reliability

  • Resume capability - Internet connection randomly disconnecting and reconnecting. For efficiency, the process will be resumed automatic from the last packet that was sent, and not from the beginning of the file.
  • Fast File Transfer - Copyv fully exploits your bandwidth. No "traffic jams" resulting from hundreds of users accessing simultaneously in the cloud servers.
  • High performance - Copyv provides more robust, reliable and fast connection. The system is comprises of technology building blocks developed for the express purpose of maximizing data transfer rates safely, bypassing network failures.
  • Unlimited file size - Copyv allows directly send unlimited files and folders.

Reducing cost

  • Cost effective solution - By using Copyv, the total price to securely send files in or outside the organization will be lower and increases the efficiency of data transfer in the company.
  • Copyv can be tailored and flexible to customers requirements.
  • The maintenance and support are minimal, due to design and efficient system architecture.

Last Revised: January 1, 2021