The best free software for users to send large files anywhere even to China. CopyV helps you save money over time, relatively to other solutions


CopyV is twice faster than regular cloud base transfer methods. In CopyV you do not need to upload and then download, JUST TRANSFER


Our peer-to-peer protocol liberates you from uploading your files to the cloud. This means your files reside only on your device and at your recipient's device. No third party involved, no safety issues


CopyV was designed for individuals and organizations users, who are interested to increase data transfer efficiency, when working with large files in the internet.

CopyV proven technology is high performance secured peer-to-peer (P2P) connection for sending and receiving any files.
There are no cloud servers or third party on the way, no cookies or web beacons.

No one can see the files.    No risk of being hacked.    It’s easy and fast.